Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives of the constituent Community Councils and Business organisations in the Mid Galloway area. There is also the possibility of individual members being voted on to the Board, and there are reserved spaces for such members.

Meta Maltman, Chairman (Acting)
Independent Member

Vice-Chairman (Vacant)
Independent member

Richard Kay, Treasurer
Cree Valley Community Council

Linda Wright
Garlieston Community Council

Jen Hendry
Port William Community Council

Jennifer Harkes
Sorbie Community Council

Cllr J McColm & Cllr K Hagmann
D&G Local Council Representatives


Royal Burgh of Wigtown & District Community Council

Isle of Whithorn Community Council (Vacant)

Kirkmabreck Community Council (Vacant)

Whithorn & District Business Association (Vacant)

Wigtown Community Council (Vacant)

D&G Federation of Community Councils