Independent Examination of Accounts

All charities and voluntary organisations need to have their accounts checked, but this doesn’t have to be a costly audit carried out by an accountant!

Did you know that we have been carrying out Independent Examination’s of Receipt’s and Payment’s accounts for local groups and charities for a number of years now?

Can you examine my group/charities account?
Yes, we can examine any receipts and payments accounts.

Are my accounts Receipts and Payments accounts?
Your accounts fall into the receipts and payments category if;

-Your annual income is less than £250,000
-You do not hold assets of more than £3.26million
-You are not registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee
-There is nothing within your governing document requesting a different type of end of year annual account be produced i.e. an audit by a chartered accountant.

The cost of examining a group/charity’s accounts is dependent on the set of accounts themselves, but this can be discussed further.

For more information please contact Louise on 01988 403450.